Y-tech 소개

Multimeters are fundamental instruments in the field of electricity and engineering.

Overtime, with the increase use of electronics and electical products, the multimeter has become widely utilized.

The multimeter often requires expertise of knowledge for usability,

 which can cause general users to use them incorrectly, break them, and repeat the unnecessary cycle of purchasing more multimeters.

 We want to eliminate these problems.

Our team wanted to create a multimeter that caters to the general public by including the

innovative features of Vionsuch as automatic measurement, storage, and TTS in a convenient design.

These features and designs have received much traction from the world’s

largest tradeshow exhibitions, CES and MWC, and have received active inquiries from

buyers from all over the world.

 Our team hopes that the Vion meter will lead the evolution of analogue to digital into a third generation of smart multimeters.

Thank you for the support!